Spirit Guardian and Seeker of Fish


A bipedal dinosaur with powerful jaws and sharp claw. Smaller than a typical Allosaurus and also has crystal blue human eyes. There is a sense of awareness and purpose about the creature as it contains a fragment of the parted soul of Roak’s own grandfather as well a combination of of the spirits of other male ancestors who had the “gift” but were never shamans of their tribes due to being male.


I. Duty of the Zenj

Grandfather was the younger of two sons born to Zenlu, Shaman of the Zenj. However the elder son died in an accident during his coming of age hunt. As such Grandfather himself spent most of his own youth being watched and guarded by the rest of the tribe since he contained the seed of the Shamans. At his own coming of age hunt, it was purely ceremonial as to not risk another accident. Instead of hunting a killing one of the many dinosaurs that roamed the savannah, he was sent for forage and retrieve an egg from one of the near by nests of smaller deinonychus that were more like pests then real game.

Upon presenting his mother and the other elders with his “prize,” we was called a man and was paired off with his first pre-determined mate. It was his duty to produce a viable female offspring in order to carry on the line of Shaman of the Zenj.

Grandfather kept the egg and a week after his coming of age, and first pairing, the egg inexplicably hatched. It had green human like eyes and followed Grandfather around.

After about a year and much hope, one Grandfather’s mate gave birth to a female. Though the infant die only a few months later. So Grandfather carried on his duty to the tribe.

It took another year but a healthy female was born and Grandfather was released from his duty as his daughter began training to be the next Shaman of the Zenj.

II. Huntsman of the Zenj

Freed of his tribal duty, Grandfather took on the tasks of other men of the Zenj. Along with his small dinosaur companion, he excelled at providing for the tribe. He seemed to have a “way” with the world that few of the other men seemed to posses. One of his uncles noticed this and helped him cultivate his gift. It was from his own uncle he did realize that the power of the Shamans was not truly limited to the Women of the tribe. But “Men do not become Shaman of the Zenj.” So there was the collective secret of other gifted men of the tribe that traded what they did figure out over the campfires of hunts.

It was after one such hunt that Grandfather returned to see that tribe being overrun by an orc raiding party. The returning huntsman and Grandfather were able to beat them back, but not until the leader had raped his own daughter.

After helping the tribe piece itself back together, Grandfather left to track down the offending party on his own. Fueled by his own revenge and power that he did possess he himself transformed into dinosaur and tracked down the raiding party. Grandfather took out most of the part with ease while in beastial form, but reverted back to human form to face down the orc that raped his daughter. It was still a brutal encounter but Grandfather did not kill the orc right away. After beating him down, Grandfather tied him to a tree and slowly flayed the orcs skin open and left him to die in the rising sun of the plains.

During fight, Grandfather took a serious gash on his left leg the limited his mobility afterwards and limped home. He called that his last hunt and decided to take up fishing.



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