Keco, Sipep, Ceare

Men who not Shamen of the Zenj


These three come from the Menju tribe from the Zenj of Mawangi, the tribe of Roak.

Each have manifested the “Touch of the Spirits” but tradition dictates that men can not be trained in the ways of magic. It is only for the female leaders of the tribes to take on the duty of working with the Spirits. Men who do show any signs of magic occasionally find each other and trade what little training they have have discovered, but it is rarely much.

When Roak visited his home tribe after years of travel, the three approached the Druid and asked to follow him on his journeys and quest. With the permission of the Head Shaman, Roak’s mother, the three joined crew of the Fırtınarayan.

Keco — Animist Shaman

Keco is the oldest of the three and also the most reserved. He takes great care to observe the world around him as he sees everything as “alive.” Some times it appears that he moves though the world in haphazard path, but from his view, he is just taking care not to disturb the living world around him.

Since boarding the Firtinarayan, he has been seen to stare at walls and conduits for hours on end. He says he is watching and understanding the “little spirits” that course though the ship.

Sipep — Feral Hunter

Sipep is the shortest of the three, but stocky for Zenj. But that is only when he is not taking on the aspect of some creature. He is of firey temper and is always up for some action. Since leaving the Zenj he shows great interest in studying and mimicking the abundant fauna that populate Golarion.

Ceare — Serpent Sorcerer

Ceare is always seems out of place. His does not seem to come from the world around him like the other two.


Keco, Sipep, Ceare

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