Ser Rakkis, The Thenn

Barbarian. Guardian. Champion.



Ser Rakkis, called The Thenn; Slayer of the Magnar, Red Stag of The Lord Kavken’s Men, First Smith of the Fortress of Erastov, Bannerman of House Medvyed, The Dragonmarked stands some seven feet in stature, and nears five hundred pounds. He wears thick and luxurious pelts, precious chains adorned with gems, and a bone helm crafted from the skull of a troll—a strange crystal orbiting the cracked dome.

Though the men of the northern retinue referred to the Ser as a man of sizeable fame and fearsome reputation, he was strange even among them. Yet, his feats of strength and martial prowess are beyond reproach, and the mark he bears fixes him at the center of a prophesy, an invasion, and the destiny of Golarion.




Rakkis was born among the Thenn tribes of the eastern moors within The Stolen Lands. Kelid-blood still runs strong among the Thenn, and they adhere to The Old Ways including cannibalism and ritual sacrifice. Rakkis’ tribe was one of many loosely united under the banner of The Magnar. Rakkis’ tribe in particular revered the Draconic pantheon, largely focusing on Apsu the Creator. Among the Thenn tribes, Rakkis’ people were known as weaponsmiths.

When Rakkis was ten, the chieftain of his tribe ran afoul of The Magnar by refusing to gift The Magnar a ceremonial weapon. The Magnar attacked, and systematically butchered Rakkis’ tribe. The boy escaped through the moors, and struck out towards Brevoy.

Rakkis’ superior size and strength gave him an edge on the streets of Restov. He was a bully and a brute even at age 11. However, his Kelid-blood made him a target, and he was soon indentured by the criminal elements of the city. Ultimately, he was sold into the service of The Smiling Nail, a forge operated by dwarven exile Laerrick Naillgrinne of Five Kings Mountain. Rakkis had the strength and the talent for smithing, and soon made apprentice. Laerrick taught Rakkis the Dwarven techniques, particularly mastery of cold-iron—and allowed Rakkis to buy his freedom and assume the title of Journeyman.

Rakkis travelled north plying his trade and selling his sword—Nail: the Dragonblade—a sword he’d forged himself under the eye of Naillgrinne. He eventually found himself in the lands of House Medvyed, within the bounds of the Gronzi Forest. Here he found The Brotherhood was eager to pay good coin and better barter for the services of a blacksmith, and even more eager to pay for his sword. Though he never met Duma the Sly, Rakkis received more than one direct missive from the reclusive leader. At one point he commissioned Rakkis to cold-iron forge a set of strange bullets, fit for no sling. After a few years within the Gronzi, and acting as a free agent in the surrounding area, Rakkis’s found that the bandits were no longer willing to meet his rising prices or satisfy his taste for glory. When news reached the Gronzi of The Second Great Charter, Rakkis set off on his own.

Rakkis The Thenn joined The Second Great Charter and was sworn into the service of Jhod Kavken, priest of Erastil and chosen Lord of the Stolen Lands. Together with the other charter members, and under Jhod’s guidance and leadership, Rakkis was tremendously successful in carving a kingdom from the unfettered wilds. The Lord Kavken’s Men: Rakkis the Thenn, The Red Stag; Tredegar the Apprentice, The Elks Beard; Innowynne the Warden, The Dead Eye; Kinye Underfoot, The Golden Hind; and Sasha the Widow, The Bleeding Hart. Together, The Lord Kavken’s Men crushed the kobold armies of The Mad Dragon King Mikmek, cleansed The Stag Fortress allowing Lord Kavken to establish a proper citadel on Harrowed Hill—the Temple of Erastil which had served as their headquarters was better served as a neutral meeting place between Lord Kavken and The Antlered Doe, Queen of the Deep Forest, and her fae. The heroes explored the perils of the southern expanse and defeated the Troll infesting the river deltas there, before saving the kingdom now called Erastov from a rampaging owlbear sent by a vengeful Fallen Dragon King Mikmek.

In the East The Lord Kavken’s Men encountered the Thenn tribes and found them massing for war. The Magnar was enraged by the encroaching northerners, and was bent to take the land they had build and called Erastov for The Thenn. The Lord Kavken’s Men stood against the Thenn tribes. With particular zeal Rakkis butchered countless of his kin, carving a path of blood to The Magnar. Tredegar the mage swore that his magic would bring down the terrifying Magnar. But it was Rakkis’ cold-iron that split The Magnar’s crown and cracked The Jewel of Kels, leaving The Magnar as bloody heap. Rakkis took the crown, and led The Lord’s Men in routing the few remaining Thenn into the swamp. To this day Rakkis claims he is the last of The Thenn, and he may not be wrong.

After securing the heartland of The Stolen Lands for the new demenes of Erastov, Rakkis was appointed First Smith and helped to build and safeguard the realm. Always a man for the finer things, Rakkis used his position to generate great wealth for Lord Kavken.

During this time The Lord Kavken’s Men each swore loyalty to Kavken himself. Each was appraised of the mounting civil war in Brevoy, and the players involved. House Lebeda was dishonored and scattered, House Medvyed stood as Restov’s last public ally and Erastov’s greatest trading partner. The Northern Houses were all vying for a right of succession as whispers condemning the Queen Regeant Natalya Surtova grew. Lord Kavken made an unusual request of his Men: each would swear their banner to a different House of Brevoy. They would serve as leverage, getting close to the Lords and Ladies, spying, advising, and guarding as their own skills permitted. Rakkis was sent to Lord Medvyed, already a friend to Erastov, to keep safe Lady Sylvia Medvyed—the real political power of their house, whose scheme was to contend for the throne by producing a long-hidden false-bastard and true-heir. Lord Kavken had aided her in sending agents south, and claimed event to have met “The Bastard Knight.”

And so Ser Rakkis, The Thenn came to Qadira, flying the banner and bearing the crest of Lord Kavken’s Men, golden horns on a black field, with the words “Our Aim is True.”

Ser Rakkis, The Thenn

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