Roak, Shaman of Dinosaurs

A Lost Man from a Lost Land


Roak of the Zenj left his tribe to go walkabout with his Grandfather.

First Impressions

At 5’ 2" but with a tough dark green-brown frame stands Roak. Half tribesman of the Zenj Plains and half jungle orc from the Mwangi jungles. He is a juxtaposition of cultures and places. The armor is of Menki design made with lacquered wood and bone plates. On his back is an over sized scimitar of the Katapesh warriors. Though his feet are bare and his exposed arms and face are painted in the ochre clay of his homelands.


I. Birth and Early Childhood

Roak is the result of an Orc raid made on his tribe and the resulting rape of his mother. Normally such offspring would have been left to die at birth, but since his mother was in succession to be the tribes leading shaman and the resulting loss of life from the raid, it was determined that tribe needed the offspring both the bolster its own numbers but to also carry the blood of the line of Shamans.

It is the tradition of the tribe that the line of Shamans pass from mother to daughter. Though if the Shaman only has sons, then the eldest female offspring of her sons will be next in succession.

Roak’s mother had little to do with the infant and left the day to day child rearing to his grandfather and “cousin” Asah. Customs of the tribe demanded that she birth the child, but she would have little to do directly with his well being.

When Roak was three, his mother had a daughter from one of the men of the tribe. Now with a viable line of succession, she had no need for her bastard child.

Roak was always the “odd” kid. Since he was often mocked for the way he looked he kept quiet and others of the tribe thought we was also slow in wit as well. His grandfather knew otherwise and would always take time to teach Roak the ways of the world. Also Hunli, his younger sister, took pity on her bigger brother. Although their mother limited their access to each other, Hunli always found her brother fascinating.

II. Adolescence

While learning the ways of the hunt with the other boys of the tribe he was constantly ridiculed by Mafta, a boy near his own age, that believed he would be the strongest hunter that would get to mate with Hunli when it is time. Many times Mafta would claim Roak’s kill as his own. The other boys would rally behind Mafta and convince the rest of the tribe of his skill.

Roak’s success in hunting came with his innate knack for knowing the world around him and putting the creatures of the plains “at ease” when he approached. Many times Roak would be able to walk right up the the prey, lay his hand on the beast then quickly slit its throat with his spear.

When it came time for Mafta and Roak’s coming of age hunt, they were paired together. In the pursuit, they chanced upon a lone wounded deinonychus. Mufta knew that such a kill would get him much renown and also knew of Roak’s knack with the beast of the plains. Mufta said he would call him brother if he helped him get this prize. So Roak quietly and calmly approached the dinosaur. Once he got up to the beast he laid his hand on the creature. But instead of slitting its throat, Roak leaned in and whispered in its ear. With that the deinonychus leapt up unfettered by its previous wounds and lunged at Mufta. With one bite Mufta was down and eviscerated by the creature.

Roak called the beast away from the corpse and sent it along its way. He took the lifeless body back to the tribe and told the story of Mufta’s courage in wanting to face the beast but it was an unfortunate slip on a rock that was his down fall.


Roak, Shaman of Dinosaurs

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