Malik, the Unomened

Merchant. Mogh. Khan.



Malik, Khan of Water Lords, Mogh of the Deep Deserts, and Merchant of Thuvia, called the Unomened, is a tall, statuesque ifrit. His gleaming bronzed skin, starkly defined musculature, and deeply chiseled features make him alluring, but his eyes, the left an endlessly deep blue and the right the color of molten gold, make him intriguing. Hair resembling a cascade of sand falls to the small of his back and four small horns rise from his brow like the beginnings of a crown. These horns, as well as his long, sharp nails, are painted daily with gold leaf.

Looked at more closely, the Khan’s arms and bare chest exhibit countless faint scars and scratches, a lattice of lines and glyphs left by his sorcery. Malik draws on the power of his own blood to work his magic. The Mogh is never still, his gaze shifting often and his hands twitching, sending off sporadic sparks as the painted nails slide against one another in minor, not quite subconscious displays of arcane power.

A self-styled “noble”, the merchant dresses in ornate garb of soft, exquisite fabrics. His typical raiment includes soft sandals laced high up his calf, white silk robes that hang from a broad crimson belt, and a lightweight vest that leaves his chest bare to the desert heat. His neck and shoulders are adorned with an elaborate golden collar sculpted to look like rising flames set with a single ruby at the throat. A similar circlet of gold rests on his brow and a scarlet cloak hangs down his back. Every piece of clothing is stitched with runes woven in gold thread.

On his forearms he wears a pair of bracers as mismatched as his eyes. The right is typical leather wrapped over cloth but the left is an ornate and elaborate affair of strange dark metal. From his waist hangs a pouch in which he stores such odd things as a deck of carved ivory cards and a wood burning kit, an ivory scroll case, and beneath the cloak on his back a small locked chest of platinum, gold, and silver. He also recently forged an elaborately engraved mask of gold and black, devoid of features except for two eye slits, and has been wearing it in battle and when he stands apart from those more directly prophesied.



It is said that Malik, the Unomened was born the youngest child of a powerful Water Lord Khan, that he had six brothers and six sisters, and that his lord father so feared the power of this last, ill-fated child that he cast the boy into the desert. It is also said that the infant survived, emerging from the sands at the very feet of Aspenthar.


Malik began life without anything. An orphan in the streets of Aspenthar, the ifrit struggled for survival. He banded with other, stronger children and fought for life against starvation and the elements until he was eventually taken in by an alchemist newly come to Thuvia. Though the man first appeared kindly, he began experimenting with extracting Malik’s efreeti blooline and the power it could unlock. When the alchemist’s research reached a wall, he sold the boy into slavery. Malik spent the next decade or more first sold from one torturer to the next and then by willingly selling himself for their experiments.


Around the age of 22, Malik fled the life he had known, stealing away from Aspenthar by joining a caravan traveling the city-states of Thuvia. He worked as a guard, a scout, and a mercenary employed by one band or another chasing the sales of the Sun-Orchid Elixir. During his three circuits of Thuvia, Malik developed a deep appreciation for the land he called home. He came to see his way of life not as a means of income, but as an opportunity to see the beauties of the deserts and the five cities. The thrill of survival, the passion of the festivals surrounding the sales of the Elixir, and the love of the wilderness became embedded in Malik’s heart.


Eventually, though, one of the caravans Malik was guarding was raided and destroyed. Attacked by Water Lords on the road between Duwwor and Aspenthar, Malik is forced to make his own way alone across the Thuvian desert. Eventually, he finds an oasis occupied by the same Water Lords who defeated him and joins their clan as the resident mage and sorcerer. He makes some of his first genuine friends among the Water Lords, including a gnoll druid, the Water Lords’ Khan, and an ifrit woman and healer. The druid introduces Malik to the divs of the desert and Malik begins training, growing his own power with their aid. The Khan grows fond of Malik and teaches him much that the ifrit will use later in building a business empire. The healer and Malik have a passionate affair that deepens to a heartfelt burning love. When the gnoll dies in a raid not long after Malik joins the Water Lords, the ifrit becomes the tribe’s official Mogh, which means mage or shaman. Later, he marries the woman with whom he has found such passion.


In 4629, when Malik was 58, the Khan of the Water Lords passed away. The Khan chose to wander into the heart of the Thuvian desert and meet some unknown end, rather than be destroyed by his own weak heart. Before setting off, he names Malik the new Khan, giving him leadership over the Water Lords. His new position proves profitable for the bandits and Malik chooses to pursue an even greater relationship with the divs.


Malik seeks increasingly more power to maintain his control over the Water Lords and obtain even richer rewards. Dreams of capturing an Elixir swiftly turn to ambitions of godhood and Malik begins bargains away more and more to get closer to this goal. He allows the divs to corrupt the blood that has been giving him power and gains mastery over sand and air because of it. Witnessing his wife perform miracles he cannot, Malik begins bartering for the ability to command both arcane and divine power. He barely notices the birth of his daughter, Sameena, except as she is demanded as the price for this goal. When his wife sacrifices herself to save the girl, however, Malik takes the child and flees into the desert.


Malik puts his knowledge of the deserts to use as a merchant, following the Sun Orchid Festivals around Thuvia and selling various enchanted goods. The first decade proves less than lucrative, but in the 4670’s Malik is one of the first to take advantage of the various revolutions erupting across Avistan and swiftly establishes trade routes into the new-formed countries. Though his affairs in Galt have ultimately collapsed, Malik’s mercantile empire now ships goods as far south as Sargava and as far north as Ustalav. His lines deal almost exclusively in carrying other people’s products. By 4712, Malik is established enough to grow bored and so reopens Malik’s Magiks in Passhow, having heard that a prime location was suddenly available. Mostly leaving his daughter at their remote, but lavish estates on the slopes of the Barrier Peaks, he uses the shop to occupy his time, return to crafting arcane items, and resume his long-abandoned interest and research in magic.



Malik maintains a lavish estate southwest of Passhow. Set on a plateau in the foothills of the Barrier Peak Mountains, his home overlooks the deserts of Thuvia, its entrance facing the rising sun. It features a water garden formed from five concentric pools surrounding a fountain.
– 1 Mansion in Thuvia (1 Bar, 1 Bath, 4 Bedrooms, 1 Escape Route, 2 Furnishings (Bedroom and Sitting Room), 1 Kitchen, 1 Laundry, 1 Lavatory, 1 Lodging, 1 Office, 1 Secret Room, 2 Sitting Rooms, 1 Stall, 2 Storages)

The Merchant in recent years acquired a shop in the heart of Passhow, a tower on a corner street and signs naming it Malik’s Magiks.
– 1 Magic Shop in Passhow, Thuvia (1 partner, 1 storefront, 1 office, 1 reliquary, 1 storage, 1 storefront furnishings, 1 vault, 1 secret vault, 1 bedroom, 1 summoning chamber, 1 scrying room)

The Unomened has reclaimed his former band of Water Lords and sent many of them to act as guards for a number of ships and caravans he maintains across the southern Inner Sea. He currently has:
– 2 Ships in the Inner Sea
– 1 Ship in the Obari Ocean
– 2 Ships in the Arcadian Ocean
(each has 1 captain, 1 {5} laborers, 1 {5} sailors, 1 {5} guards)
– 1 Caravan in Thuvia
– 1 Caravan in Rahadoum
– 1 Caravan in Osirion
– 1 Caravan in Qadira
– 1 Caravan in Cheliax
– 1 Caravan in Taldor
– 1 Caravan in Andoran
– 1 Caravan in Molthune
– 1 Caravan in Katapesh
(each has 1 smuggler, 1 {5} laborers, 2 drivers, 2 {10} guards)

Other of the Khan’s former slaves and bandits (as well as a few beasts of burden) are aboard the Firtinaryan with him They are:
– Joachim (6th level Human Adept)
– Malach (5th level Half-Orc Warrior)
– Parsis (5th level Half-Orc Warrior)
– Jack (4th level Tiefling Expert)
– Lauren (4th level Human Aristocrat)
– Patrick (1st level Halfling Expert)
– Jaj (Camel)
– Apo (Giant Frilled Lizard)
– Atar (Giant Frilled Lizard


Malik, the Unomened

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