The Venatum

The Venatum


Founded as an independent yet related order to the Knights of Azar, the Venatum were created by Lord Alistair as a secret organization entrusted with discovering hidden threats to humanity and hunting them down. Despite the fickle nature of prophecy following Aroden’s death, the order relies heavily upon diviners to assist nonmagical operatives in uncovering threats.


Alignment: Any.
Initiation Fee: Accept a mark of justice to uphold the vows of the Venatum: Uncover hidden threats to humanity, bring them to light, eliminate them using any means necessary, and never betray the order.
Initiation Test: Knowledge (any), Stealth, Disguise, or Bluff DC 20.
Offerings: None.


Obeisance Check: Knowledge (Any), Stealth, Disguise, Sleight of Hand, or Bluff.
Service Period: 6 months
Excommunication: 2 consecutive failed Obeisance checks, or unjustified violation of the vows of initiation.


Deep Cover: Successfully infiltrate a group which presents a hidden and serious threat to human interests (Average CR=Your HD or more). Your Fame increases by 1 for each month you remain embedded within the group (minimum 1). You may increase your Fame through this activity three times per service period.

Hidden Knowledge: Discovering a piece of information which leads to a potential and hidden threat to human interests increases your Fame by 1. You may increase your Fame through this activity one time per service period.

Neutralize Threat: Eliminating a group’s serious threat to human interests (such as through revealing the group to the public, diverting their goals, or destroying the group entirely) increases your Fame by 1. You may increase your Fame through this activity six times per service period.


The Enemy Within (15 Fame, 10 Prestige): You join the ranks of the Venatum’s inquisition. You gain a +2 bonus to Intimidate and Sense Motive, and receive 100gp per service period. You also gain a new Activity: If you discover a serious and credible threat to the order’s mission within the ranks of the Venatum, you gain 2 Fame. However, you do not gain the associated Prestige that normally accompanies increases in Fame.

Cell Leader (10 Fame, 5 Prestige): You can request leadership of your current cell if you possess the most fame of any Venatum stationed there, or request transfer to lead a new cell. In addition, once per month while in a city with the order’s presence, you can call upon the aid of two junior operatives who follow your orders without question (unless the orders are obviously against the vows of the Venatum). Any particularly dangerous or suicidal orders may require an Intimidate or Diplomacy check at the GM’s discretion. Treat these initiates as 1st level warriors. The initiates serve you for one day or on one task, whichever is of shorter duration. You can also borrow up to 100gp of nonmagical gear from the order to outfit these operatives, but you must replace anything that is lost or destroyed.

Project Director (25 Fame, 20 Prestige): You can request the resources necessary to establish and run a Venatum project. This includes a larger team than a typical cell, as well as a safehouse with specific rooms suited to the project’s needs. The project must have a specific purpose that serves the interests of the order, such as mapping out and dismantling a particularly insidious threat to humanity, or researching new and more effective means of divination. Once per service period, you must demonstrate acceptable progress to the order’s leadership; repeated failures may result in diminished resources, replacement as project lead, or even a shutdown of the project entirely (all at the GM’s discretion).

Focused Seer (20 Prestige): Any spells of the Scrying subschool are treated as being one spell level higher for the purposes of spell effects. This benefit may be chosen a maximum of three times.

Venatum Assassin (20 Prestige): You gain a +1d6 sneak attack. This damage stacks with any other sneak attack source. This benefit may be chosen a maximum of three times.

Operative Training (5 Prestige): You gain a +2 competence bonus to Bluff, Disguise, and Stealth.

Current Outposts

  • Qadira
    • Cell (Katheer)
      • 5 Operatives
      • 2 Diviners
      • 1 Investigator
      • 1 Inquisitor of Azar
  • Sargava
    • Project Floodgate (Eleder)
      • 1 Safehouse
      • 1 Project Director
      • 5 Operatives
      • 3 Warpriests of Azar
      • 5 Assistants
      • 1 Shaman (Possessed Shaman)
      • 1 Oracle (Possessed Oracle, Juju Mystery)
      • 1 Cleric (Exorcist, Neutral Philosophy)
      • 1 Witch (Medium)
      • 1 Investigator (Spiritualist)

The Venatum

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